Independent Funeral Celebrant

Time has come to say farewell and you don’t know where to start.

I am there to guide and support you throughout.

As a celebrant I can offer you an authentic bespoke ceremony, I will craft a service all about your loved one.

I meet with you to talk through their life, and together a eulogy will emerge.If you have your own written I can read it for you. If you would prefer you are very welcome to join me at the lectern ( it is very cathartic) absolutely no pressure though. It is your farewell.

A funeral is something that is dreaded by most and understandably so, my aim is to make the ceremony a celebration of their lives . No service should sound like a CV their life was not a list. We can include music, laughter but most of all love and warmth


More about me


I'm a sociable gal

I LOVE meeting people.


I live in Shropshire right on the Welsh border with my Husband, horses, two (very naughty!) sheep and Maggie the very vocal cat.

If you want to visit me to meet up at mine, that’s all good. We can get to know each other and hatch a plan. I love to travel & happy to, to any destination. If you even need me to jump on a plane I am SO up for that!


I find people and their lives fascinating, I will weave their life stories throughout the service, yes achievements are to be acknowledged of course. It’s the little thing we need to be reminded of and the love, life and memories that you have shared.

Kind Words

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic sendoff today, the family were blown away with the service. It was so our “D” so many compliments, you did good girl.

Thank you Debbie I will never forget what you did for our family today.

I cannot thank you enough for the service you provided my dad. It was more than we could ever wish for, everybody who attended commented on what an excellent service it was. You were caring, empathetic and professional, and made my family feel at ease every step of the way this very difficult time. Thank you for giving my dad the send off he deserved.

Debbie, you are an amazing kind, caring compassionate human being. Your attention to absolutely every detail makes what is the saddest day of many peoples lives in to a day that is most fitting and a perfect way to warmly remember your loved ones, it’s immensely healing too. Thank you for all that you do.



Funerals are hard enough so I aim to make it as easy as can be possible.

I will always call within 24 hours of funeral director making contact

A meeting wherever is convenient for all . Either at you home, my home, the funeral directors or via zoom or a phone call whichever is suitable .

I write the story of your loved ones life I will help you find fitting readings and music choices .

I read the script to you so we can make any edits necessary and add as need be .

My aim is we do this with your loved ones in mind always .


Get in touch using the form below or by emailing me directly at debbietcelebrancy@outlook.com

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